23 septembre 2007


12" Blythe Doll Short WavyQuality Hair Wig with Bangs NEW Short Wavy Hair wig with Bangs. Custom-made wig for Blythe With elastic rim inside the wig Size: Before strain - 9" - 10" After strain - 12" - 13" brand new~ never been used HIGH QUALITY! smooth and shiny! Beware of the cheap blythe wigs out there! some China made ones are made out of real human hair >_<!! Poor quality blythe wigs will have hair fall out easily. These are HIGH QUALITY wigs for blythes. You can still play with these... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2007

Merciiii Choupet'

Trop choupinou ... Un petit bonbon Cherry' et un petit nuage pour m'emporter Loiiiiiin ^^ Avec du superbes papiers à lettre ... Merci Lucie !
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